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Live Resin

Cannabis infusions

Friendly Farms carts, Liquid Live ™️ is a single extraction process where the entire extract remains together throughout the process. Liquid Live™️ not to be confused with ANY other LIVE RESIN CARTS¬†like raw garden carts on the market. Consider the feeling/effect and flavor you get from smoking a joint of your favorite cannabis.

One of my best vaping experience. I’m glad I started with you vape carts cause my friends keep giving me negative reviews about the other carts they have tried compared to yours.

Julia Moor

I buy in bulk and have been in contact with this company for long now. Cant doubt their reliability and trustworthiness.

Jason Grams
Live resin sauce

Best Quality Vape Carts

Friendly Farms do not use any additives, distillate or use separation techniques in Friendly Farms carts. We use one ingredient, 100% cannabis. We source fully ripe cannabis from the top cultivators to give you the best vaping experience.