One Up Magic Mushroom Chocolates


One Up MAGIC MUSHROOM CHOCOLATES BAR – Each bar is infused with 3g of our Premium Magic Mushroom

One Up Magic mushroom chocolates, also known locally as shrooms or mushies are organically cultivative mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties. That is, they can make you see, hear and even fee things that appear to be real, but aren’t. Magic mushroom cultivation trace back many centuries ago and are even use for therapy! They mainly contain the drug “Psilocybin”. The effects usually kick in after 20-40 minutes and can linger around for as long as 6 hours! The impacts are usually multi-fold.

  • Eases out depression and stress
  • Induces euphoria (tremendous excitement and pleasure)
  • Drowsiness and relaxation
  • Brings on hallucinations
  • Provokes spiritual awakening sometimes